Via la lens.

My Quest:

Traveling through the lens to capture, create and cultivate an iconic image of my various clients. An image developed to cater the individuals target market that helps sell and ignite careers not only in Los Angeles but across the globe. The industry of modeling, marketing & fashion of which I have been involved for past 18 Years. Primary focus on developing within the industry, navigating strategy with agency placement & updated ever-changing looks for seasonal markets.

During our photo shoots together I will use my history in modeling to help develop a global career that specializes for my clienteles look. I believe it’s my job to help my clientele figure out their target markets and develop their direction to land the best agency that specializes for their look. I want to navigate my clients through the LA casting process, make recommendations based on abilities to the best acting and commercial coaching classes in town.

Agencies currently scouting for:

Agencies Modeled for: